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Trainings and key distinctions from Shaan’s best practices and strategies that if implemented will radically transform your life and your business!


The opportunity to work one-on-one with Shaan Rais.

  • 1:1 with Shaan Rais

    You will spend 60 minutes with Shaan Rais discussing exactly where you are and strategies...
  • 1 Year Mentorship with Shaan Rais

    Join Shaan Rais in his exclusive 1 Year Mentorship program, where he takes you under...
  • VIP Day with Shaan Rais

    Join Shaan Rais for a 6 hour intensive on Branding, Positioning, Marketing, Leadership Development, and...
  • Brand Leadership Positioning

    Shaan will provide you with three (3 x 60 minutes) or six months (6 x...


Unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary success with Shaan Rais’s dynamic and inspiring keynotes.

  • Shaan Rais Voice-Over

    As a successful business coach and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of having a clear,...
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  • 30 Minute Podcast Appearance

    As a successful business coach and entrepreneur, I know what it takes to build a...
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  • Keynote Speech 90 Minutes

    Get ready to level up! Shaan's Keynote Speech, complete with inspiring stories and insightful research,...
  • Keynote Speech 45 Minutes

    Get ready to level up! Shaan's Keynote Speech, complete with inspiring stories and insightful research,...
  • Shaan Rais Virtual Keynote

    Discover the power of Virtual Keynote with Shaan! Our expert-led virtual keynote sessions will help...
  • Shaan Rais 20 Minute Virtual Q&A

    Learn from one of the top minds in the industry, as Shaan brings his years...


The key to effective Leadership, Communications, Relationships, Sales and Success is knowing who you are. The below assessments are crucial in knowing who you are, what you do, and why you do it. They are also useful assessments for knowing others in your organization, family, business, etc.

  • The Chess Test

    A Personal and Professional Checkmate for Business, Relationships, Sales, and Life! Find out the "What,...
  • Values Assessment

    The Values provides you with your Core Motivations. Find out the real reason you or...
  • Attributes Assessment

    The Attribute Index measures "HOW" you think and make decisionThe Attribute Index is a revolutionary...
  • DISC Assessment

    The DISC Assessment provides the "WHAT" of Human Behavior. It provides insights into blind spots...


Purchase a copy of one of Shaan’s best selling books and see if you share the same life changing experiences as top performers and industry leaders around the WORLD!

Preorder a copy of The Secret Power of Personal Branding


The Phenomenal Leader & An Introduction to Executive Coaching


The 7 Prerequisites to Success; Pathways to Paramount Performance



Unleash your true leadership potential and learn the skills to take charge of your life and career with confidence and clarity.

  • Marketing Like A Leader

    Marketing Like A Leader will not ONLY teach you the strategies, principles, and tactics that...
  • Consulting Like A Leader

    Are you ready to Consult Like A Leader? If you want to go from 1...
  • Speaking Like A Leader

    Have you ever wanted to be able to move an audience with the power of...
  • Closing Like A Leader

    Closing Like A Leader presents entrepreneurs with a new way of doing sales that is...
  • Coaching Like A Leader

    Let me show you how to build your 6-7 figure coaching business from scratch in...
  • Branded Like A Leader

    Shaan will help you go from bland to BAM! And industry leading brand with his...


Unlock the potential of your business with our comprehensive and proven training systems, designed to help you and your team achieve new levels of success.


As a branding expert, I work with businesses to create a unique and compelling brand identity that helps them stand out in a crowded market and attract their ideal customers.

  • Logo Design

    You spend so much time building your business, it's time to invest in your brand....
  • Website Design

    You've come to the right place if you're looking for a stunning, custom website design....
  • Influencer Ecosystem

    A personalised service to allow you to create a professional and highly engaging logo, website...
  • Sales Funnel Design

    Is your site not converting visitors into customers? Why not get an expert to design...